Pharmaceutical Engineering Projects"

Setting Up Pharmaceuticals Facilities and Conducting Design Reviews

Getting an independent GMP review of your facility design with Agon is a great insurance policy that will save you the hassle of remediation after a GMP Audit.

This cost-effective process will radically reduce the chance of deficiencies and will give you an edge over key players in the industry. To this end, Agon can conduct the following services:

  • Initial facility design: designing your facility while ensuring GMP aspects are met. Our engineers may suggest designs or amendments that improve the efficiency of your operations or reduce GMP risk.
  • Design review: review or develop your facility or plant design in conjunction with your construction company. Agon’s expert consultants will ensure that you comply with the relevant GMP guidelines and can interpret the GMP guidelines to suit your product type and the markets you supply your products to.
  • Equipment: Equipment qualification and validation, all in accordance with recognized regulatory requirements. should the client need it, Agon has the ability and expertise to purchase, install and validate pharmaceutical equipment, as well as advise you on URS, design, selection of contractors and commissioning/validation phases.
  • Selecting contractors: Agon can help you select the most reliable and efficient service providers needed.